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Waterproofing specialist NMC have completed multiple large scale waterproofing projects across the UK. Through project delivery our teams have encountered a common problem, specifically for the retail sector.

Lee Prudden, NMC Senior Project Manager explains the problem, “When we are asked to complete waterproofing projects there are often additional works, not just making the surface watertight but frequently our clients include the installation of safety barriers demarcating the roadway or parking bays from public footpaths. Traditional bollards, including the flexible bollard found at supermarkets and retail parks, require bolts to be drilled into the ground, installed this way on a waterproof mat will provide voids for water to ingress, reducing the effectiveness of a waterproof system”.

NMC, working with our partners Andrew Forrester from Watts PU Ltd and Wayne Chissell at WestWood UK Ltd,  have developed a system to install flexible safety bollards without the need to penetrate the waterproof matting. The solution uses a plate secured to the surface with fixing bolts facing upwards through the plate, the safety bollard is then secured to the bolts completing installation. The system ensures the safety critical bollards can be installed across the stores car park in any location without having to penetrate the waterproof mat and ensuring the mat remains 100% watertight.

Lee said, “The system was created to solve a common problem we were facing at numerous stores, we can now install and seal the waterproof matting without creating voids in the matting by cutting or drilling”.

The system is already in use at multiple supermarket car parks across the UK.