TESCO, inverness

Tesco called upon NMC to resurface their car park at Inverness. The project required 4,208m² of car park resurfacing a new speed hump at the store entrance and full ACO channel replacement.

Project Key Stats


On-site Duration

4,208 sq/m

Total Site Area

180 l/m

ACO Drainage

Project Overview

Services Delivered


As a framework supplier to supermarket giant Tesco, NMC was tasked with the resurfacing project at Inverness. The project required 4,208m² of car park resurfacing, a new speed hump at the entrance to ease access and 180l/m of ACO channel replacement.


As this project included works for the entrance to the store, to minimise disruption NMC devised a four phase plan, including one sift out of hours through the night to ensure the maintenance works were completed with minimal disruption to operations and to visitors. Part of the resurfacing also included the installation of a speed hump positioned at the entrance to the store to help disabled, the elderly and push chairs with access to the store. The store required their ACO drains replacing a total of 180l/m NMC recomendded a monolithic ACO unit as a replacement. The site was completed with fresh thermoplastic white lining to match the existing layout. The project was completed to schedule and resulted in a very happy client.

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